Brenda O'Keeffe

Brenda is an experienced counsellor who works to help people deal more
effectively with a broad range of personal, relationship or social problems. She
believes in the importance of a therapeutic relationship that is based on trust,
respect, genuine care, and honesty so that people she works with can express
themselves honestly and openly without fear of judgment and gain greater
understanding and self-acceptance of themselves.
Depending on her client’s needs Brenda incorporates several therapy types
into her work including compassion focused therapy, cognitive behavioural
therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.
Brenda is a registered psychotherapist with the Irish Association for
Counselling and Psychotherapy since 2019. Prior to this she worked for many
years as a volunteer support group facilitator with Aware – the national
organisation providing support to those impacted by anxiety, depression and
related mood conditions.
She also works as an addiction therapist in the Family Resource Centres in
Croom & Hospital, Co Limerick, specialising in gambling addiction.

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