Insomnia and Sleep Concerns

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep every night, it can get pretty frustrating. It
can also impact other aspects of your life and health, including your mental health.
Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects as many as 35% of adults. It is marked by problems getting
to sleep, staying asleep through the night, and sleeping as long as you would like into the morning. It
can have serious effects, leading to excessive daytime sleepiness, a higher risk of auto accidents, 
and widespread health effects from sleep deprivation.
Common causes of insomnia include stress, an irregular sleep schedule, poor sleeping habits, mental
health disorders like anxiety and depression, physical illnesses and pain, medications, neurological
problems, and specific sleep disorders. For many people, a combination of these factors can initiate
and exacerbate insomnia.