Meet Our Team

Our mental health therapists are well-trained in effective techniques, passionate about their work and share a commitment for empathy and authenticity.
Our psychotherapists provide high quality, professional and compassionate care.

Sylwia Kuchenna
My name is Sylwia Kuchenna, I am the founder and CEO of Horizon Mental Health Clinic. I am a qualified and accredited psychotherapist. I graduated from Letterkenny Institute of Technology in 2015 with BA (Hons) in Law. I also graduated from PCI College and the University of Middlesex with a Diploma and Bachelor’s (Hons) Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy. In 2022 I obtained a Master’s Degree in Child and Adolescents Psychotherapy from Middlesex University. I am a member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).
Marta Majewska
Marta is a psychologist and certified psychotherapist of the Polish Psychiatric Association.Since 2009, Marta has worked both in the Polish state health service in Mental Health Clinics, as well as in a private clinic, thus gaining experience in treating a wide and diverse group of patients. Since 2020, Marta has been running her own practice in Limerick.
Brenda O'Keeffe
Brenda is an experienced counsellor who works to help people deal more effectively with a broad range of personal, relationship or social problems. Brenda is a registered psychotherapist with the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy since 2019. Prior to this she worked for many years as a volunteer support group facilitator with Aware - the national organisation providing support to those impacted by anxiety, depression and related mood conditions.
Roger Mehta
Roger Mehta is a highly qualified and experienced addiction counsellor and psychotherapist with APCP (Association of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists in Ireland). He holds a B.A. degree in Counselling & Addiction Studies (2018) and a B.A. degree (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy (2019) from ICHAS. In addition, he has a Diploma in Alcohol and Drug Studies (2011) from the University of Limerick.
Caitriona Kinsella
Caitriona has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Limerick and a BSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy from Middlesex University. Along with her work in Horizon Mental Health Clinic she also works with the Community Substance Misuse Team in Limerick city centre.
Dagmara is a compassionate individual with a deep love for sharing positive energy with others. As a sound bath therapist, she engages in her practice with a profound sense of love for both people and the world around her. Her mission is centered on bringing goodness to others and aiding them in self-discovery through the transformative vibrations of sound.
Kate Waters
Hello, my name is Kate and I’m a counsellor and psychotherapist offering in-person and online sessions. I am a graduate of PCI College, where I earned my BSc (Hons) degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy, validated by Middlesex University. I am also a pre-accredited member of The Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP). Through compassion, curiosity and openness, my aim is to work with you to build a healthier relationship with yourself and gain a better understanding of what has shaped you as a person.
Dr. Milena Cosentino
Milena has great experience working with counselling/ psychotherapy for various demands of children, adolescents and adults, including anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, abuses, and suicidal ideas; as well as guidance for parents and family, and vocational orientation. She is very compassionate, interested in what people have to say, with empathy, searching for the roots of problems while focusing on the individual’s ability to grow and thrive.
Sinead Fahy
Sinead received her Master’s in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2012 and prior to that has successfully completed the following training courses in: Youth & Suicide, Sexual Violence, Rape and Sexual assault and various workshops relating to inner child work, trauma and domestic and sexual abuse. Presently she is undergoing Sexual Violence specialisation training in the Rape Crisis Centre.
Gisele Cottica Dubberstein
Hello! I’m a Psychologist graduated from University Salesiano in Brazil, with specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for people with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities from CBI of Miami. Additionally, I’m a Psychological Society of Ireland member and passionate about working with children and adolescents and supporting families. I work with cases of developmental delays, as well as stress, anxiety, depression, adaptation to a new country, and others.
John Butler
John is a trainee counsellor currently offering low-cost counselling. He believes in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and allowing a client the time and space to express themselves fully in a judgment free and relaxed environment. Therapy can be a very daunting and difficult step for a client and building trust that allows a client to express themselves openly is something he sees as integral. Building client trust along with the importance of respect, compassion and understanding are all key elements for John to help a client gain a greater level of self-acceptance and deep understanding of themselves.