Dr. Caitriona Kinsella

Caitriona has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Limerick and a BSc in Counselling & Psychotherapy from Middlesex University. Along with her work in Horizon Mental Health Clinic she also works with the Community Substance Misuse Team in Limerick city centre.

Caitriona has an interest in how we have learned to self-regulate, how we can manage anxieties and stresses, and also how we engage with others in our key relationships. Caitriona has worked with both parents and young adults experiencing substance and
dependency problems, depression and anxiety, trauma and its impact on our body and our way of thinking, and many other psychological issues. She has a Diploma in CBT from City Colleges and offers cognitive behavioural therapy as well as a more relationship-focused way of working, which is generally a slower pace and led by the client themselves.