Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are considered a very abrupt or sudden occurrence of discomfort or even fear. They can last 5 to half an hour, and they contain a variety of different symptoms during the event. Some individuals have had what is considered a limited-symptom panic attack. Which is somewhat similar but includes a smaller number of symptoms in the attack. This may be more like what the average person experiences and beliefs to be a panic attack. But it is possible you do not have a panic attack at all, but simply high-level anxiety.
High-level anxiety can occur with things like an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach or a racing heartbeat. But these feelings are not as strong as they are in an individual having a panic attack.
They are also not as long-lasting because they may occur for only a few seconds or a few minutes before abating. In a full-blown panic attack, these feelings can last much longer. The intensity of the
feeling is very strong, which is why it’s important to get treatment.