John Butler

John is a trainee counsellor currently offering low-cost counselling. He believes in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and allowing a client the time and space to express themselves fully in a judgment free and relaxed environment.

Therapy can be a very daunting and difficult step for a client and building trust that allows a client to express themselves openly is something he sees as integral. Building client trust along with the importance of respect, compassion and understanding are all key elements for John to help a client gain a greater level of self-acceptance and deep understanding of themselves.

Life is difficult and it can throw many different challenges and events at a person at any time. For example, social media and the consistent stream of information, the cost of living, work life balance, loss of a loved one can all effect people in different ways. Leaning to cope, understand and accept life’s challenges along with showing a person that they have the strength, courage, and resilience within themselves to overcome life’s difficulties is a key element of John’s therapeutic sessions.

“Life is hard, and it can throw many difficult things at you but together we can work through them so that you can meet all life’s future challenges head on.”

Contact information.
Mobile : 087 117 2442