Trish Coffey

Trish received her diploma in humanistic psychotherapy in 2011 and has used her life
experience as an integral part of her approach. She offers adults and couples a gentle, non judgemental space which supports clients to reach their potential.
Trish specialises in counselling those who are experiencing emotional difficulties during family law proceedings. With this vast experience and knowledge of legislation she fully understands the effect such proceedings have on parents/children because of changing family dynamics. She also has an affiliation with Family law practitioners.
Trish has begun work on a narcissistic recovery programme for those who have lost a sense of self due to gaslighting and narcissistic abuse. The effects of this type of abuse is unlike other types of trauma and abuse due to the complex and covert nature in which it occurs. It may leaves victims with self doubt, confusion, fatigue, psychosis and many more individual emotional and mental health issues. With a person centred approach, she works with individual clients and groups .She has developed a strategy to enable her client to rediscover and champion parts of them self that are often lost due to narcissistic abuse.
Trish is familiar with the healthcare system and has worked with families who are experiencing conflict due to care of older parents. This can be a very difficult time in people’s lives and it is often overlooked by the system. Through mediation and effective
communication, Trish offers family support and conflict resolution to those looking for
Trish works on a holistic level to integrate mind/body healing and is qualified in pre and perinatal psychotherapy and looks forward to meeting you on this journey, should you so choose.
“Don’t let your past determine your future.”


mobile: 0851049744