Dagmara is a compassionate individual with a deep love for sharing positive energy with others. As a sound bath therapist, she engages in her practice with a profound sense of love for both people and the world around her. Her mission is centered on bringing goodness to others and aiding them in self-discovery through the transformative vibrations of sound.

In her sessions, Dagmara sets intentions to guide individuals in connecting with their higher vibrations. She emphasizes creating a safe and calm space to facilitate openness, allowing people to receive love openly. The sound bath experiences she provides aim to help individuals reconnect with their true selves. When playing, Dagmara’s intuitive approach ensures that the sounds emanate from her heart, creating a truly authentic and heartfelt experience.

Dagmara conducts group sessions at Horizon Mental Health Clinic twice a month, with a session fee of €15.
Additionally, she offers personalized 1:1 sound bath sessions. To book a session and embark on a journey of self-discovery, interested individuals can reach out to Dagmara at 0857049264.