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The Roots of Anxiety and Depression:

Taking Care of the Body and Mind, and Building Resilience with Dr Milena Cosentino
Part 1 – The Roots of Depression and Anxiety
Part 2 – Self-Knowledge and Building Resilience
Part 3 – The 7 Habits of Emotionally Healthy People

Join me on Saturday 26/08/2023 10am to 2pm in Horizon Mental Health Clinic 

Anxiety and depression have become buzzwords these days as anxious and depressive
symptoms are becoming more common. Depression, or a depressed mood, can have both
internal (biological/organic) and external (traumatic situations) causes. It can be related to
physical, emotional, and even familial/relational factors. Understanding the roots of
depression and anxiety allows us to take care of ourselves correctly, remembering that we
are integral beings, and that one part affects the other. In other words, if one part is not
well, the whole body suffers.

It is important to consider physical, emotional, and familial traumas and their influences in
the construction of our identity, understanding how we can sometimes deal with situations
without breaking our structure (being resilient). Self-knowledge is a tool that allows us to
take care of areas that need more attention and care. We will end this workshop looking at
some practical ways of implementing habits that will have an impact on our nervous system
and help us to be emotionally healthy.

 Horizon Mental Health Clinic, George’s Quay House,
4th Floor, George’s Quay,
Limerick City

Dr Milena Cosentino

€40 per person

Limited places so pre-booking is required!

Contact +353 83 044 2509 Email:  for further information or to book a place